We have experience in handling complex projects. Managing the transportation of complex projects requires staff with extensive experience and expertise. The implementation team should be people who study all options, investigate every detail, and identify potential physical and non-physical hazards, and respond flexibly to abnormal situations by acting quickly and decisively. Our approach is to break the project down into its essential elements, then assign direct supervision to each of those elements.

Our Project Goods Logistics Services include:

  • Consulting the suitable transport route for customers
  • Overall project research
  • Transport survey
  • Project planning and budgeting
  • Develop and describe the project process
  • Monitoring goods during loading and unloading, as well as during transportation
  • Rent a means of transport
  • Packing according to customer’s request
  • Manage orders and track goods
  • Shipping oversized goods
  • Heavy cargo transportation
  • Barge service
  • Shipping module
  • Pre-shipment inspection